How Lightweight Folding Wheelchairs Make Life Easier

Lightweight folding wheelchairs are one of the developments which have made the most difference to the lives of disabled people in recent years. The wheelchair has gone through many significant changes since the time it was first mass produced by industrial society, and these changes have been among the reforms which have helped to improve life dramatically for disabled people and those who have to care for them. The combination of new electric power batteries and increased mobility has opened up possibilities which previously did not exist.

The wheelchair has always been a major asset to the disabled, ever since the time when they were produced in isolation, in the days before any manufacturing could be mass produced. The early chairs were made to specifications as part of a special order from the user, and this obviously meant that they were beyond the price which many in society were able to pay. Mass production was able to bring the price of wheelchairs within the reach of many more who needed them, but it was not until the introduction of the subsidized medicine schemes which exist in most developed countries that wheelchair use became common.

The latest developments in wheelchair technology have been highly significant and beneficial ones, as we have seen the development of both folding chairs and effective batteries which last for many hours. The folding chair is a godsend to anyone who wants to move beyond their local area and be able to move about when they get to their destination, as the chair can be fitted into a private car or taken onto an airplane. This is in addition to the enhancements which have been made to trains and buses, allowing the wheelchair user to travel while still in the chair. It has never been easier for the disabled to travel.

If you want to extend the mobility concept still further, you can consider the lightweight folding wheelchairs which are fitted with motors and electric batteries. These have come a long way since the early days, when the batteries would have been to heavy to use with lightweight frames. New, lithium ion batteries are light and easy to carry, and they offer the user far more distance for the same amount of charge. It is possible to stack batteries on top of the one in use so that the user has a near unlimited capacity, although this is a feature which is only available on the most recent models.

One of the greatest advantages of the new lightweight batteries is that they can be detached from the chair and stored alongside it, with scarcely any addition to the bulk and weight. It is therefore possible to travel virtually anywhere, and then to use the chair to get about the area you have traveled to. You will have a near unlimited range, especially if you take a spare battery. In most areas you can also travel by bus or train, as these have been adapted to take wheelchair passengers.

Wheelchairs Geek

The use of lightweight folding wheelchairs can revolutionize the life of a disabled person, and there are many models to choose from. If you have not bought one before, it will be best to do your initial research in the Internet, where you can find the greatest variety of chairs and manufacturers, as well as independent reviews from people who have used the chairs. When you have an overview of the market, you can visit retail stores to try out chairs for yourself, or look to buy online. The Internet can be the cheapest place to buy, and there is a huge selection of lightweight folding wheelchairs.




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